Do I really need a website?

Do I really need a website?

The Business owner snorted; “What do I need a website for, I’ve got Facebook!” But in this day of Facebook fury is that enough?


why-websiteMarketing your small business online can be time-consuming. It is not uncommon for time-poor business owners to try and take shortcuts, but not having a website in 2019 is like not having a shop address in 1918.A not so long ago there was all of these other social  platforms that disappeared such as Blogger in 1999, Friendster As well as in 2002, Myspace as you will know… no Facebook crush them,


Business owner says I got my Yellow Pages listing

And  Also in the White Pages what I need that for you looked at me in frustration.  I said Yellow Pages going to the same way to did …You said what is

would you use it to today no nobody ever uses it ….

Side note 1999, Compaq Computer paid US$307 million From Elon Musk…..This is how Elon got into Paypal

The point I’m trying to make is big businesses go out of Style and even Yellow Pages will admit that not even in the Yellow Pages business anymore they are in other things as lead generation and mobile phone business and in fact the now and the online advertising AdWords business.


Your website is the online home of your business and every single marketing activity online should work towards getting your potential customer back home to ‘your place’ on the web, and keeping them there long enough to purchase your products or services.

After all, your home online, is the only place where you have any ownership of what that potential customer reads about your business. It’s the only place you have any control. To understand this, you need to understand the concepts of Paid, Earned and Owned media.

Paid media is obvious – this is media you’ve paid for like advertising and promotional content. This media is highly effective in presenting your business’ products and services to your potential customer, after all, you paid to make it so.

Earned media is a little more nebulous. This is media you’ve earned through word of mouth, social media and social proof like reviews. This media is highly persuasive for potential customers. There is nothing more potent than hearing a third party claim your product is awesome, to really convince and convert.

Owned media is the media you have created, and you have control over. This refers to your blog, website, and any downloaded content, such as How To guides, or ebooks.

Where does Facebook fit?

Although you haven’t paid a cent to use Facebook, the platform is, paid media. You haven’t paid in dollars and cents, but you have paid in other ways, such as providing your eyeballs and, in many cases, in happily providing your personal information. Those two things are hugely valuable for Facebook and the platform’s on-selling of that information in the form of advertising datasets is remuneration enough for their provision of a platform.

As we’ve seen in the past week, however, the use and ownership of this information is a huge moot point. Where the debate will end, we don’t know, but it could mean the end of Facebook as we know it.

If that were to happen, then our café owner and thousands of other business owners like him who have used Facebook’s platform to promote their business will be up the creek without the proverbial paddle. Ah yes, but it does. Remember Posterous?

Posterous was once the big name in blogging platforms and in its heyday, it was an enormously influential platform. Times were good then and many bloggers invested considerable time, resources and Intellectual Property into their blogs and pages on the platform. And then, Posterous stumbled. Not long after the owners of Twitter purchased the platform and promptly forgot about it.

On April 30, 2013 the popular platform went down. At the time it had over 60,000 daily users and 52 million pages.

What happened next is something many people would like to forget, because in short, nothing happened. Posterous stopped, and that was it. Some lucky people managed to transfer their sites over to other platforms such as WordPress, but many did not. We assume those people simply lost all that work and IP.

If ever there was a time to consider your ownership and control of your business’ profile online, the time is surely now. Facebook has been going through a shocking time with the hashtag #deleteFacebook trending and Mark Zuckerberg in retreat.

If the unthinkable should happen and Facebook should cease to exist, how much damage would there be to the café owner’s online profile or yours?

The first rule of online promotion should simply be – focus on bringing your potential customers home to your place online. Home to where you know what has happening and where you’re in control.You need to own your own media your own domain and your own website and bring all the traffic home to you that you control renew the Domain every year or year and year after that don’t let somebody else suddenly go out of business will get ripped down by the FBI or some other crazy financial Situation or that particular business get into financial trouble own your own media I can’t stress it enough that history does repeat itself and there be something after Facebook like their friendster was replaced and Facebook crush them and whoever uses such things as Myspace anymore Sorry to get a website get in touch I’m happy to build it for you for a reasonable price you gon name today on the web it’s inexpensive to get started