How good is your website?

How good is your website?

Web Designer posed the question ‘What,

or who, inspired the design and style of

your website? What sites do you aspire to?

37% think their closest
competitor’s company
website is better than
their own
19% don’t actually think
their own company
website represents
their brand
Change of
focus in the
“Web envy is great if it inspires”

Businesses to act faster at

Improving their web presence. Our study

shows people are going online to validate companies, but that

the companies are failing at the first hurdle.


It’s not that these

companies don’t understand the value of their web presence –

but rather that in many cases they just don’t have the CMS tools

in place to make the changes they need to, andit’s taking over

half of them at least a year to get the budget approved in order to

put the right ones in place – so no wonder they’re envious of



More companies should recognise at board level

that websites are fixed assets and treat them as such; that is, to

put time ,

investment into generating the maximum return

on investment from them. Putting software in place that helps

them squeeze more leads and sales out over a much longer

period is now the game they should be in.

    They need to be able

to grow or evolve their website as a company grows up, not wait

for it to date and become ineffectual before creating a new one.

Our message is you that you don’t need to start from scratch

every time. With the right CMS,


you can most certainly keep

Ahead and be the Jones’ – not simply keep up with them. To do

This the CMS industry must make it easier for businesses to

navigate the CMS like WordPress a World-class (CMS) as Leading Content Management System There are lots of variables to consider

when purchasing a CMS, but the number one thing to remember

is that you should ensure your CMS investment works

for your business today – and tomorrow.”