How does doing business over the internet benefit your small business

How does doing business over the internet benefit your small business


How does, doing business over the interne,t benefit your small business

The best part of doing what  I do is the satisfaction I get from giving  you a place on the web, whether it is for your personal gain or business.  I love to help people get further along in their life and show people a better way to do something they love…


If I can show just one person how to make something great from nothing at all I will be the happiest  guy on the planet.

” What is life for if not to make others happy?


So let’s start off showing you a few tips to get you started with your 1st blog and I will also explain why you want a website & Social Media and later in this or another post  I will explain who and why putting up a website or a blog is smart.


I Love talking about Social Media, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, B2C/B2B Marketing internet , Design, Web Hosting, SEO, for All business I teach stuff & more. But here go’s first tip


Tip #1 Think about what you are trying to say to the world.    (This is the heart of the entire project)


Tip #2 Think about how you want the site to be ranked on the search engines, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this is the part where you will do things like link your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts to the website and then you will have to get a list of good plug-in’s to help you do all that with as little drama.


As I was saying social networking is not the biggest part, but it is a pretty good chunk of where most of your readers will come from. The rest of the work will come from things like how good your keyword research is with tools like Keyword tool and other similar tools.


Tip #3 give as much detail of whatever your topic of choice is… (This is something I personally have a problem with at times)


I do try to make my sites as good as they possibly can be.  Do  the necessary to bring my site to the 1st page on or or if you can do that in the first month of having your blog or website up you are doing pretty good.


 How does Remote Over the internet benefit your business


Tip #4

Remote working enables me to add more or less the same value to my business without having to physically travel there all the time, Saving many hours in redundant travel time. It also helps me to manage multiple initiatives at the same time…………time to turn the page