Are YOU interested in finding out more about starting a lead generation for your business Any tips-advice

 Are YOU interested in finding out more about starting a lead generation for your business . Any tips/advice?


Online-BusinessCreate an e-book or special report that contains information valuable to your target market. The information should be in PDF format so it is easy to download. For example, if you are trying to generate mortgage leads, include information about how to find the lowest interest rates or tips on selling your home.

  • Create a Web hosting account and upload the PDF. Your potential customers will then be able to download the information on demand.

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    Download an HTML text editor and create a one page website. The sole purpose of the site is to gather the contact information of the people who visit. It is important to create a compelling headline to quickly capture the attention and interest of your site visitors. Your free e-book also acts as an enticement. List the benefits of reading the e-book or report in the form of bullet points. In order to download the e-book, your visitor must supply a first name, phone number and email address. If your business is more specialized and needs last names and physical addresses, require that too. However, do not risk turning away potential leads because you require an excess of personal information.

  • email marketing

    Establish an account with an email marketing company, which provide automated systems for delivering emails to your leads. This company will provide forms to place on your site that ask visitors to insert their contact information in exchange for your e-book download. When new leads insert their information, they automatically receive a link to download the e-book.

  • social networking

    Join social networking sites, which are an effective means of generating leads. Most sites allow you to place forms to acquire new leads as well as give them links to your site. You can also find groups associated with your target market and advertise your services on their pages.

  • Comments

    Make comments on Internet forum threads and blog posts. The forums and blogs you select should cater to your target audience. Make sure you can include a link to your site within your blog post or in your signature. Post interesting and helpful comments to attract readers to your site.

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