Free Email Auto-responders vs Paid Email Auto-responders

Email Autoresponder Service – Free vs. Paid Autoresponder Service

Email autoresponder services are online services that enable you to send scheduled single or mass emails to your email subscribers automatically. While some services are free,  some receive monthly subscription fees.

If you have never used an autoresponder service before, you may be wondering why you should use a service as opposed a free service. This article will highlight the main difference between the two services.

There are lots of differences between using free autoresponder services and using paid autoresponder services.

The main and only advantage of using a free autoresponder service is that, it is free. You don\’t pay any money at all for using the service.

The limitations are however more:

A typical free autoresponder service will:

  • Limit the number of autoresponders or campaign you can set up.
  • Limit the number of follow-up emails your can send out
  • Add their own advertising at the top of  your email, thereby distracting your subscribers
  • Limit the number of subscribers you can have
  • Send you lots of email you don\’t want. This of course if part of the terms and conditions for using their free service.

It is important to note that although the free autoresponder services are not all the same, most of the characteristics mentioned above are usually found with free autoresponder service providers.

The only time you should use a free autoresponder service is when you have no money to invest in paid autoresponder service.

The advantages of paid autoresponder services are numerous and by far more than that of a free service.

  • You are allowed to send out unlimited follow-up emails to your subscribers
  • You are allowed to have unlimited subscriber
  • You receive free tools such as sign-up forms and newsletter templates to help you deliver professional looking emails
  • You receive technical support at anytime
  • Your emails are tracked and analysised to help you forcast, plan and succeed.

Making the right decision when choosing Email autoresponder services can go a along way to help you make money online in the short and long run.



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