How to get you more leads latest trends B2B commercial prospecting

How to get you more leads. latest  trends 2013  B2B commercial prospecting

Begin with the list of different techniques of commercial prospecting at the disposal of companies.

To prospect new customers, more conventional and the most popular commercial prospecting techniques are:

  1.  The telephone or telemarketing ,Next mail  to them
  2. Networks
  3. Make an appointment

Commercial prospecting techniques: the technological

With new technologies, additional commercial prospecting techniques are emerging with more or less success and efficiency:

  1. Internet and a business website
  2. E-mailing
  3. Messages sent to mobile: SMS or texting
  4. linkedin Messages
  5. Facebook Messages

Commercial prospecting techniques: new trends

The latest trends in techniques of commercial prospecting to find targeted prospects are as follows:

Social networks

  1. linkedin
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram

Promotional item: it is the technique which we will discuss today

One of the techniques of commercial prospecting: promotional item

But first, what is therefore only a promotional item and how is this sales prospecting technique?

The principle is quite simple and very easy to implement: you write an informative article with added value on how to solve a problem commonly faced by your customers and which answers your product / service.

In the middle of the Guess  blog, you add information about yourself or your company and a link to your site. Then you post it on a site specializing in informative  Guess  blogging. I would give you a link to such a site to help you out, At the end of this.

Once upon a time, blogging was a platform for sharing your thoughts with the world.   Now it has become a big business. You can’t write about yourself and expect to make money. What you need to do is to create content in a strategic way where you’re building a business.

A few recommendations:

  1. Be careful not to make advertising in your blog, just give information to help your prospects.
  2. Make sure your promotional item has a minimum of 400 words to be indexed by search engines

Blogging is more of an art than a science. Don’t expect to instantly know which content *works* with your audience. Often you’ll need to write a lot before you know what people like.

Truth is, you don’t need all of them to run a successful blog. Instead, it’s better to focus on what readers love and ignore the rest.

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