Author: Shaun Palmer

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[youtube][/youtube] Online Shopping Behaviors When most people shop online, they go directly to their favorite retail store websites (The Warehouse, Dick Smiths, Noel lemmings, etc.) and then browse. Not many people type in generic items in Google (CD , for example) and search through “no name” online stores to find what they’re looking [Read More]

Lead Management Systems Transform Businesses Lead Generation Tips Used by the Big Boys in the Lead generation Industry

Lead management is enormously important to a business’s marketing program. An effective approach to leads can have an invaluable impact on the success of any venture. In today’s web climate, you can’t take anything for granted in the business world, so ensuring you have a coherent strategy for connecting with [Read More]

SEO Help for Local Business Owners

   SEO for Local Business SEO help is available in many forms and can confuse local business owners as different companies offer different services. Most SEO firms specialize in offering link building services while many also offer on-site SEO services. Virtually all of the SEO firms offer some insight into the [Read More]