FAQ-Web design answer all your questions

Will you build me a Drupal or Joomla website?

No, I specialize in WordPress as I believe it best suits the needs of most businesses and is superior in usability to other content management systems. If your site is up in Joomla I have worked with this CMS (content management systems) in the Past

Will you build a website I’ve designed?

Absolutely! If you need your creative vision realized into a working website I am more than happy to provide you with a quote for this work. I have done a number of these types of websites and I will be meticulous in following your instructions and design layout (within the limits of what web coding can achieve of course!).

Is it just you? What happens when you are in a car accident?

Is it just you? Yes, We have a Good team to back me up, but I do most of the work. If I get in a car accident, it will be a sad day for everyone (assuming I fail to survive this event).

But your website will still be online and working for you, and any web designer familiar with WordPress will be able to take over your website

I  hope we have answer all your questions

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