Finding Your Secret SEO Formula for Business Success

SEO Services:Finding Your Secret SEO FormulaFinding Your Secret SEO Formula for Business Success

SEO website audit: analytics of website  $70.00

If you aren’t using any form of web analytics, this stage consists of a list of items that needs to be done to set up Google Analytics. Google Analytics is one of the most popular free analytics programs available, and provides wonderful feedback on user behavior for your website visitors.

Once your  web analytics tracking is installed, you can learn such things as:

How visitors are finding your site

How visitors navigate the website and where they go

Whether your main keywords (SEO) are reaching your audience

If visitors ever look on more than one page

Site Findings & Goal Discussion: Next stage

At this point, we discuss the findings of the website audit, evaluation and web analytics reports together. We discuss the purpose of your site and narrow down what you want to accomplish for your business. In this stage, we use the findings and discovery to find your website’s formula for peak performance.

Link building services analytics of website  $190.00 per Project-based

Regular  Link building, link analytics, performs a backlink analysis

Backlink analysis is a fundamental element to any link building campaign. What’s more, running backlink analyses  of links, link building strategies, and link quality.

What are the elements of a thorough backlink analysis:

Total number of links

Number of unique domains

Linking domains vs total links

Anchor text usage and variance – branded, keyword rich, etc.

Fresh/incoming links

Page performance

Link quality*

Monthly retainer: $396.00 per Month

Retainer:  SEO website optimization: $99.00 per week

Include regular analytics reports, on-site content improvements, Setting Up Google Analytics, link building, keyword research, and optimization.   We start by performing a very thorough SEO website audit designed to show us the good, bad and ugly of your website as it pertains to SEO. Keywords that have the highest potential to return a positive ROI.

 Web content writing ($50 to $1000) pre website

You will rank higher for your important SEO keywords so you’ll get more traffic from better targeted visitors.

Are you looking for quality content for your business website, written in language that is clear, concise and precise? I can help you.

The success of your website – and your business – may well depend on having the right words on your site.

Professionally written web content will help:

Attract visitors to your website

Convince them of the benefits of your products or services; and turn them into customers.

Contract services at fixed prices

SEO website optimization: : $350.00

Our fixed price search engine optimization (SEO) services aim to help small business owners and professionals who want to achieve effective SEO efforts but not with a monthly financial commitment or long-term agreement.


Although we don’t recommend fixed price SEO services, also known as one-time SEO efforts, because we firmly believe to achieve optimal results that website owners must be willing to invest, implement, execute and measure SEO efforts on an ongoing basis.


However, we totally understand and respect the resource challenges small business owners and professionals face in terms of committing time, money and effort to make their SEO efforts a profitable, lasting success.

What are fixed price SEO services?


Our fixed price SEO services are designed to give you a firm SEO foundation to then build upon should you have the necessary in-house resources to implement ongoing SEO efforts. Should you not have in-house staff capable of ongoing SEO efforts, then our fixed price SEO services are tailored to be rendered at a project-by-project basis as you have time, money and effort. So in short, as you have the funds to have SEO work completed, the work is completed.


Project-based pricing:$450.00

How does fixed price SEO services work?

Our fixed price SEO services are as follows:

We start by performing a very thorough SEO website audit designed to show us the good, bad and ugly of your website as it pertains to SEO.

We deliver and review a comprehensive report, at no charge, of the performed SEO website audit with you, pointing out the various areas for improvement.

We identify low-hanging SEO inefficiencies that can bring about the most change and greatest impact in terms of search rankings.

We prioritize these SEO inefficiencies as well as give insight via an itemized and detailed for what it will take to have the services performed and SEO inefficiencies performed by  shaun palmer

Once you’re ready to move forward, you simply let us know which services and SEO inefficiencies will best meet and align with your current business needs.

We’ll perform the work per the agreement as well as walk you through a before and after to verify and validate the work has been performed per the agreement.

And once the work has been validated by you the customer, then payment is rendered. That’s it, that’s easy.


The Downside to Fixed price SEO Services


Again, we don’t think it’s in the best interest of customers to perform one-time SEO efforts. History has shown us that one-time SEO efforts tend to stall out long-term and not drive the results small business owners are looking to achieve in terms of increased search rankings and traffic.


Many times, this stop and go approach to SEO can be more expensive in the long run and on the drive a fraction of the results of an ongoing SEO effort.


However, we totally understand and respect that resources can be stretched thin, and one must do what they can until a better opportunity presents itself to move to an ongoing SEO effort.

Analysis Social media, Social media $400.00 Mouth

Your customers are using social media every day. Sometimes, they have conversations about your brand. Are you listening? Are you participating in these conversations? Are you able to measure your influence in Social Media? Let your voice be heard and help turn your customers into brand advocates.



PPC Consultation (minim $500) to $30,000,

Spending too much on paid search? Getting un-targeted leads in Google AdWords? We can do a short project to put you on the right path.


User Testing $599.00

project is price and timeline.

To improve your conversion rate (and get visitors to take action), we have to learn where they are having difficulty (with your site, your prices, your security, you name it.)

Two of the most important factors in any project is price and timeline. As consultants, we offer services that are we spoke to the needs and challenges that your business faces. This makes predicting costs and timeline difficult without knowledge of the scope of a project.

We respect that having information on what pricing and timing would look like is important to you; that’s why we promise to provide ballpark estimates of cost and timing on your first call with us, to the best of our abilities, and deliver a proposal for your project as soon as possible. We respect that your time and work hard to answer all of your questions about project scope and expectations right out of the gate in (New Zealand only)


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