Business Services

I specialize in WordPress Support and development.

Qualified as developer in 2010, coding ever since and have experience in the creation of websites and e-commerce. I have helped dozens of professionals and small businesses

Search Engine Optimisation Services (SEO-Local)

Get better results from your website on search engines such as Google and Bing – make sure your customers can find you!  I recently acquired the Google manual to the theories or guesswork here Getting Page 1 in Google for Local , I’ve done it for others I’ll do it for you

Email Hosting Services & Hosting

Email prospecting with cold email is a current new trend but it needs a bit of finesse

I’ve dug into the subject extensively found some things that are amazing things are tricky but really need to find your voice and email there are hurdles and barriers to entry but I’ve dug through the subject so you don’t have to ..There’s a write ways to do this and there’s some ways that’ll get you push out of the Internet So you don’t burn threw your Domains Spam and Virus protected Email Hosting – Web mail access, POP3 mailboxes and free email redirection services.this is just the tip of the iceberg the services I can provide

No Limits Web Hosting

Domain Name Registration

Register your .NZ .COM or .CO.NZ domain names with us.

We’re currently hosts in New Zealand

Free Domain with included with every  registration

  • UNLIMITED Disk Space
  • UNLIMITED Data Traffic
  • UNLIMITED MySQL Databases
  • Host 1 Website
  • 1-Click Install Apps
  • PHP7 Support
  • Free Secure SSL Certificate
  • Fast NZ Servers
  • Free NZ Phone Support
  • Plesk Control Panel
  • Full FTP Access
  • Web Statistics
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • 99.99% Network Uptime Guarantee We guarantee our core network will be available 99.99% of the time

Zealand hosting  Startup 150 dollars year ,Unlimited on everything no data charges not on space and a modern interface Comes with live chat support live ticket and you can even ring them up…live Support

Brochure Design / Flyer Design

A brochure or flyer is an effective way to promote and boost your products or services.

Business  Design 

Many Business materials are made to support your company identity and sometimes to give your customers the best information about your company or products. Our services will help you achieve a professional image that you can deliver to your customers, starting from…$350.00

Posters and Oversized Banners

When you need to grab attention and deliver a short yet informative message, a poster is one of the best options. Creating posters with us is easy, prices start from just $250!

Booklet Design and Catalogue Design

These options give your company more space to ‘talk’ to your customers about your company, products or services. You are able to put more pictures if you wish to enhance detailed information.

Digital Signage Solutions

The internet has become a very busy place – use a Digital Multimedia Adshow on your website or e-mail to make your products and services stand out from the rest! When prospective customers click on your AdShow they’ll see a professionally made informative slideshow that will make your business stand out more effectively than a static webpage.

Website Copy-writing

Suffering from writers block? Is your website perpetually ‘under construction’ while you struggle to write the text? Does your story need a refresh? shaun can help write company and product stories that will set your website apart from the competition.

Internet Marketing

Shaun can help you with all aspects of internet marketing & web design , from planning your advertising campaign to executing search engine, video, email and offline marketing strategies. We have the contact to outsource the your  copywriters needs , Complete Link Guide  Updated for Post-Penguin know how to get you noticed online.

Web Presenter

Add a web presenter to your page to create a sense of interactivity with your visitors.

Video Marketing

Engage our experienced team to create and publish videos on Youtube or on your own website using

Social Media Marketing

If you’re not yet making use of social media to develop and maximize your business interests, then know this: Social networks are growing, and growing rapidly and they’re here to stay. Today there are several popular social platforms, the most preferred being Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn…

finding New Prospects Online…

Getting Your Business in Front of New Prospects Online… Over time, is quite a skill, well that’s how the media can find you and use you as an expert, as increases your chances of making a sale or at least making it known to your target niche  that you have something to sell. It might seem easy especially with today’s technology but knowing where to quickly locate new Business Services, quality prospects would give you an upper hand among your peers.
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