Client Questionnaire Web Site Design

Client Questionnaire 

Web Site Design



Please list anything else you think is relevant information for Project Studios to meet your requirements:

    What are your expectations for this Website?

    What do you want the results to be, and what sort of functionality do you want?

    Do you have an established site or printed material

    Do you have a corporate brand, logo?

    look-and-feel materials that need to be incorporated?

    Are there people within your organization who will help support the site?

    Do you have a person who is going to be principally responsible for the Website project?

    Do you want us to perform Website maintenance for you in the future?

    Do you intend to sell products online?


    The process for creating a profile involves four steps:

    Determine your general target audience description

    Determine what your average target audience member looks like, how old they are, where they live, how they live, what they do, how much money they have?

    Getting an impression of what several of your target audience members are going to look like (imagine you are standing in a room with two or three people who are going to be your key Web site viewers. Determine what they look like. You can create several profiles for each crowd).

    Determining the profiles for just a couple of individuals who are going to be your principal Website visitors. Determine what they look like and who they are, and use this information to develop an understanding of their specific needs and preferences in terms of the Website you are looking at to fit your needs.

    What size is your weekly budget:min$20.00 $

    you want to achieve with your website (additional ideas welcome, please list below):
    Interest in positioning your business to be found where customers are searching.
    Want to sell more business to more people.
    Want to make it more convenient for your buyers/clientele to find their business.
    Want to beat out the competition.
    Improve your advertising efficiency.
    Want to put your business on autopilot after hours.
    Want to cut costs while expanding their business influence.

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